Who Are We?

We are glad you made it since you are exactly where you should be if you decided to trade binary options. You might be familiar with the group, Anonymous, looked upon by many as an online terrorist group, however we are not fanatics and our mission is not to attack but to protect. We are Anonymous and our plan is to observe the binary options industry and provide the world with an objective and honest information. We have no hidden agendas and we will go after every scam that is released, no one is safe, we are here to protect. Our weapon is the truth, and the truth will go viral. If you are the operator of a fraud business associated with Binary Options, we are coming for you.

We are Legion. We do not Forgive. We do not Forget. Expect us.


28 thoughts on “Who Are We?”

  1. the binary options community really needs a site like this, the amount of fake BS and scams in this industry is just unreal. I would say most traders ended up losing money to scams when they first start out, hopefully BinaryoptionsAnonymous.com can help change that! 🙂

  2. Please tell us if there exist a robot that actual works and :-)))))))))))))

    and if there is a binary broker that actual helps you also on withdrawals :-)))))


    1. We don’t believe in any robots but if we find one that actually works, we will inform everyone. Please read the information on our EU regulated brokers page and if you are in the US, read some of the information we gathered on trading binary options in the US. You can navigated to the pages via the menu.

  3. Hi,
    This program is a gift from Heaven.
    The Net is flooded with scams and it is very difficult for an average man to sort these out.
    This is a good complement to Binary Watch Dog.

  4. Thanks for this web site. I’m not naive person, but the Millioner’s blueprint web advertises are so convincing, that you can almost believe it can be real.
    I ridd of this page, and now I found yours, which convinced me I did good thing to don’t sign up to a scam.

  5. Great work…
    This industry along with all the brokers are taking millions a day from unsuspecting victims. I started this BO journey a year ago and there is NO perfect signal, NO perfect trading bot and NO perfect trading platform.
    I eventually built my own EA signal which is far better than the crap I’ve seen but it will never go to market as you CANNOT code for the mood of the market. If you want to succeed in BO trading, learn, study, get a lot of chart time and then create your own EA signal to help you…I advocate if you not committed for at least a year to get a feel for the market before you start making profit rather put your hard earned money into something else.
    And stay away from all these brokers registered in the Mediterranean, they all junk. Go with a broker that is regulated in your country by a reputable authority only and nothing else.
    It can be done and can be profitable but NOT quickly and NOT with all the loud broker platforms who spend big bucks advertising and sweet talking you into false dreams and especially the “guaranteed 90% win rate BS signal services”

  6. Hi,

    I have subscribed to this website http://binarytodaytrader.com which is supposed to provide a high percentage of winning binary signals for trading purposes. What I am upset about is, that this website post so called daily results on their website which shows signals and the outcome either as wins or losses. See the example below:
    I checked their results against my results and not only do the results not match, The DAMN signals, signal times, and results DO NOT match. I emailed tech support on several occasions and have been advised of several different explanations with no TRUE ANSWER as to why my results and their results are so different. If they are a SCAM website I want them exposed. I have already lost money purchasing the software and even more money placing trades based on the signals provided by the software. PLEASE HELP
    Thank You
    J2 havokallways21@gmail.com

    GBPUSD CALL 2016.04.19 20:30 1.43929 1.43934 2016.04.19 20:45:00 WIN.
    EURUSD PUT 2016.04.19 19:00 1.13747 1.13698 2016.04.19 19:30:00 WIN
    EURUSD PUT 2016.04.19 18:30 1.1377 1.13747 2016.04.19 19:00:00 WIN
    GBPUSD PUT 2016.04.19 17:30 1.44129 1.44016 2016.04.19 18:00:00 WIN
    GBPUSD PUT 2016.04.19 17:30 1.44129 1.43896 2016.04.19 17:45:00 WIN
    EURUSD PUT 2016.04.19 17:30 1.13723 1.1376 2016.04.19 18:00:00 LOSS
    GBPUSD PUT 2016.04.19 17:15 1.44103 1.44129 2016.04.19 17:30:00 LOSS
    EURUSD PUT 2016.04.19 17:15 1.13727 1.13723 2016.04.19 17:30:00 WIN
    GBPUSD PUT 2016.04.19 17:00 1.44129 1.44129 2016.04.19 17:30:00 TIE
    EURUSD PUT 2016.04.19 16:45 1.13652 1.13771 2016.04.19 17:00:00 LOSS

    GBPUSD PUT 2016.04.19 16:30 1.43987 1.44129 2016.04.19 17:00:00 LOSS
    USDCHF PUT 2016.04.19 15:00 0.96313 0.96214 2016.04.19 15:30:00 WIN
    USDCHF PUT 2016.04.19 14:30 0.96377 0.96313 2016.04.19 15:00:00 WIN
    GBPUSD PUT 2016.04.19 14:15 1.43636 1.43574 2016.04.19 14:30:00 WIN
    USDJPY PUT 2016.04.19 12:45 109.426 109.36 2016.04.19 13:00:00 WIN
    USDCHF PUT 2016.04.19 12:00 0.96357 0.96309 2016.04.19 12:15:00 WIN
    USDJPY CALL 2016.04.19 10:00 108.958 108.868 2016.04.19 10:15:00 LOSS
    GBPUSD PUT 2016.04.19 10:00 1.43334 1.43067 2016.04.19 11:00:00 WIN
    EURUSD PUT 2016.04.19 10:00 1.13385 1.13339 2016.04.19 10:30:00 WIN
    GBPUSD PUT 2016.04.19 08:00 1.43072 1.43038 2016.04.19 08:30:00 WIN

  7. Hi millionairesblueprint.com.trade is SCAM i lost my money.
    Attention is fraud!!!!
    I go to the police and tell me they can not do anything.
    Can you help me?

    1. Contact immediately your local bank and Creditcard phone nr on the back of your card, contact and say it is a fraudulent company, trading unauthorized trades without your consent under a false identity contact the bank fraud department they are insured for there clients against fraud! they need a police crime nr so make a case nr add your local police office, and complain OM moneyclaim.gov.uk or your local? and CPS don’t pay lawyer fee after results and check their websites bank account and phone them… this is WWIII armageddon in Cybercrime to attack humankind bastards wish you the best of luck!

  8. Are you a HERO support Mother Gaia to be anti Zionist groups and Jesuits are criminals in trading banks, law, economics, health, food, media, NASA, water, natural resources, really all is upside down, and they are playing it out! it’s a real cyber crime Armageddon WWIII is filleting the good in humankind worldwide so hang in there it’s a bumpy ride to the judgment and prevail to arrest key figures in acts of the human race get off your knees! and target cyber crime in Israel stand strong you can join to attack Zionism Tel Aviv Victim 25.000 for 12 years biggest scam off Israel !!!!! good honest people lose totally their life’s PHD, young people, teachers, dentist, bankers, investors, professors, honest people who work hard for a better future of human race, on this plane for ecological life, animals, charity all is targeted and we the people have to fight them it’s plain simple and arrest the company’s with 1000’s fake company’s names from out Israel we have a growing group from out The Netherlands, with UK Investigators and dedicated officers, German Spanish Sweden, Australia… and We know the Arabic countries are targeted. To you, your most welcome no matter the race or color black or white, bad is BAD and Good is GOOD we are a growing faction THE PEOPLE Of MOTHER GAIA ARCHANGEL MICHAEL www.timesofisrael.com/writers/simona-weinglass/

    The Netherlands, The people Faction of the human spirit and world wide peace.

    ‘To fast to furious’ it’s not about car racing, but about the human race get of your knees.

  9. Ubinary.Com Options Company take your money and do not pay out. When you start to complain they get very nasty. After authorising them to close my account, and when they received the first “charge back” request they yried to bribe me to cancel the charge back. I refused. As a consequence they activated a computer to process thousands of $200 trades to get rid of the balance in my account US70,000. I noticed this before they locked me out.
    I have four banks attempting to get charge back since January 2017. Ben Rose and his manager Allman. Cruel people. They say they operate from UK.

  10. I just received on FB.Anonymous Trader…….broker ‘Sterns’…I then filled in the form and got contacted by ‘Sterns’ straight away………….is this one of those scam? using Anonymous’s name?

  11. These guys need sorting out. This FB advert popped up and im sure people will assume its legit because of the way they portray themselves as Anonymous.


  12. I don’t want to be scamed I want to make money real money but I don’t have the 250 yet I am working on it

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