It has come to our attention that there is a new binary options auto trader being released by the name of Crunch Tech owned and developed by Rich Paulson and David Avery. The question becomes now is this auto trader a SCAM?? As most of you know we are completely unbiased and do not promote any software or broker and therefore have no issue calling anything a scam in our review if we find it to be one. Therefore if you want the most honest and trusted opinion on the software be sure to read our full review first.

Can weather really affect market movements? This theory has been one that has been debated and researched for years. Until now many have tried and failed at being able to link the two correctly to have them function as one. Neo2 saw the first of this kind of technology taking affect, and is comes as no surprise that another company such as Crunch Technology has now been able to successfully synchronize weather and financial data together. Crunch Tech software based on the same idea as Neo2 comes from a complete different angle, and believe it or not uses different data to allow the system work profitably.

Rick and David come from completely different backgrounds after leaving college which made them the best team they are today, and gave them the opportunity to develop the Crunch Tech software. Mr. Paulson coming from a background of working for Planet IQ who is the largest commercial data supplier in GPS technology and weather sensors, was able to take his passion and past experience in his prior employment to venture into creating the Crunch Tech auto trader. David on the other hand who had a keen interest in computer programming as a kid, and decided to move into financial industry, specializing in futures, options and algorithmic trading, was the actually the key to taking the data analysis from Paul and his programming and synchronizing abilities put everything together for the Captain Crunch Theory, and created the Crunch Tech software.


The Crunch Tech software is said to be able to generate profits of no less than $89 per hour or between $400 to $1000 per day depending on the amount of money you decide to deposit with the auto trader. The amounts are totally achievable and we have had this confirmed by both our own trading experience with the auto trader as well as feedback from a few beta testers that we are aware of who got the opportunity to try the system release. You will not win every trade placed by the Crunch Tech auto trader, but you should know that since no software is 100% accurate. Ideally you are looking to generate around 85% win ratio with the system, but again this tends to differ a little bit in a couple of percentage depending on the amount of hours you trade.

Benefits of trading with Crunch Tech Software

  • Up to 85% Win Ratio
  • Potential earnings of up to $89 per hour
  • Possible earnings of $400 to $1000 per day
  • 90 Days Free Trial period
  • No Experience needed
  • System created to benefit ordinary people

The thing that makes Crunch Tech software different from most other binary options auto traders is the fact that they are able to generate thousands of bits of data every second, allowing them to not only analyse market data, but the fact that they have access to weather data weeks and months in advance can accurately predict movements of today. Not only that, the interface and trading platform has been designed to be simplistic and easy to manage. There is practically only two steps to follow once you already have your account registered with the Crunch Tech software, which are 1) Login to your account, and 2) activate the auto trade mode. That is basically all that is required to operate the software correctly.

Based on our ITM results with the Crunch Tech software we know it is able generate easily between $2500 to $4500 per week. This is our mind makes the $790 per month licencing fee completely affordable and worth it. Another thing that we liked about presentation and the website is the fact that there are no fake testimonials, no fiverr actors, and no stock photos, nothing that would discredit them from being a trusted and respected binary options auto trader.

Available for 90 days free at:

Rick and David saw a gap in the market for both their expertise and rightly took the opportunity to sit together and create / develop / programme the successful Crunch Tech auto trader currently available to anyone looking to make a success in binary trading. As most of our subscribers know, we do not endorse systems software’s or brokers but simply write reviews our own experience and the great feedback we receive from other traders. If you have any questions regarding the auto trader or anything relating to the Crunch Tech software you can get in touch via, we also ask that you send us your feedback and views if you do decide to register with the system. We will continue trading with the software, and give our most up to date updates as we go along. If you are unsure whether this is for you, be sure to check back as we will give further accounts of our trading account.

The newly released NEO2 software by Dr. Jack Piers, PhD. is getting a lot of attention, read this honest review if you are considering to join The most interesting part about this innovation is the integration of Weather Forecasting and Online Trading, we’ve seen many binary options systems but this is the first one to really impressed us in so many ways. This is the type of software that doesn’t fail you after a few hours or days if you are lucky.

We mainly expose scam services and definitely not in the business of promotion at but NEO2 is an Automated System that really stood out and captivated our interest from the first moment we decided to put it to the test. NEO2 was first introduced to us by Michael Freeman, who is part of the project as a leading binary options expert and a very influential figure in the industry. Along with Dr. Jack Piers, Amit Gutpa, Lead Programmer and William Van Loon NEO2 Chief Financial Officer / Investor they innovated this fresh concept and created a software that is suitable for beginners and expert traders, with 3 simple functions that we’ll get into shortly.

As Michael Freeman and Dr. Jack Piers, PhD. mentioned in the NEO2 Introduction video, by using Solar, Weather and Environmental factors and merging them with today’s cutting edge binary options auto-trading technology, it’s possible to predict the price movements of commodities in particular. These factors play a big role in the price changes of commodities and it’s possible detect climate activities, days or even weeks in advance. Essentially, with Jack Piers extensive knowledge in Weather Forecasting and his previous experience with NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) combined with Mike’s Automated technology, they managed to create an auto-trader that takes live data from weather forecasting satellites and produce automated signals based on more than simple technical analysis, or the average scam sites we’re seen being advertised to the masses.

Based on our initial 3 weeks testing we managed to obtain a winning rate of over 85% ITM, just as indicated by the NEO2 developers. The software is very simple to use and the 3 main functions include:

1) The Solar Tracker can be easily activated by clicking on the NEO2 Sync button. This will allow weather Satellites to track activities in real time.
2) By clicking on the Trade Algo Button users can activate the Auto-Trading Function.
3) Once NEO Sync and Trade Algo light up yellow, just click on the big button ‘Start Now’ to allow the software to commence trading on your behalf.

The interface and programming is user-friendly and simple, allowing beginner and advanced traders to use it without any difficulties thanks to the Lead Programmer Amit Gutpa. What really sets NEO2 apart from other automated systems is the “latency”, which is the speed at which data is processed. In the latency is virtually non-existent. Literally thousands of bits of information are being processed within milliseconds using this highly sophisticated, yet simple to use, automated software.

Is there a catch with the NEO2 Software? It’s not much of a catch but a straight forward fact, the idea is to get this project on and once its on Kick Starter, activating this software will come at an annual fee of $7,900. Members who join before NEO2 is featured on will continue to receive free access to the software without this additional payment. We understand that it’s very important for all parties who are involved in the creation of this innovation to make sure that it receives good endorsements and reviews before they can charge money. In a competitive industry where scam services offer “free life type access”, day-traders should be aware that nothing is free forever unless it’s just a fraud.

Based on the ITM results, we know that it’s possible to generate between $3000-$4000 per week with, therefore even if you decide to register after the initial testing phase, we are confident that it’s worth the annual fee. For now, you are not requirement to pay, no rushing tactics to get you to sign-up today, certainly no “limited members” or scam actors are involved, NEO2 is really one of a kind and we encourage binary options traders to give it a shot and you won’t be disappointed. Please comment below our NEO2 Review if you have any questions, comments or feedback.

You can also reach us at, is available world-wide. Must be over 18 to join. BO Anonymous Review Conclusion: NEO2 Software is not a scam!

Which automated scam is worst, Trade X Confidential or Limitless Profits? This review will make it easier for you to decide. If you’re at a crossroad, thinking to invest online with one of the two, think again because your money is at serious risk. The websites: and by Paul Reed and Roger Clifford respectively, are examples of money-making schemes aka fraud operations. The two auto-traders in question were exposed in many reviews on YouTube and several forums, but you got to watch out because there are many blogs out there that are getting paid to promote one of the two, so they have an incentive to lie to you.

At we do not promote any signals services or binary options brokers, we remain as neutral and unbiased as we can and do not engaged in paid advertising of any kind. We already found two credible reviews exposing Trade X Confidential and Limitless Profits, so for detailed information on how the systems are using actors from, snapshots from Stock-Images sites and other clear warning signs visit:

Trade X Confidential Review and Limitless Profits Review

Exposed by

We have clear evidence to debunk the scam sites and if you don’t believe us, just read the above reviews and you’ll be shocked. So let’s quickly go over some of the warning signs for each system and then we can determine which one is absolutely worst, keep in mind that in both cases you will definitely lose your entire investment.

Trade X Confidential SCAM Facts:

  • was Created at the beginning of March, 2016.
  • Fake Beta Testers in the form of snapshots on the 2nd page.
  • is their top recommended broker, one of the worst scams!
  • “Pual Reed” attempts to extort members to invest more on the 2nd video, highly lame.
  • Promises to get you a 100% Winning Rate, keep dreaming…

Limitless Profits SCAM Facts:

  • Verified Millionaires of are fake, as exposed on
  • Roger Clifford is a real jerk and obviously an actor, can you verify him anywhere? NO.
  • Mind games about how bad your life will continue to be if you don’t join Limitless Profits.
  • The most annoying pop-up in the world when navigating on
  • Exposed on over 10 review sites already.

So which one do you think is worst, Trade X Confidential or Limitless Profits?

We established enough evidence to conclude that both apps, software, services or whatever you wish to call these scams, that there’s no money in it and both will be blacklisted on our site along with the many money-making schemes that are all over the Internet. Services such as the Trade X Confidential and Limitless Profits leave no hope to day-traders who are seeking legitimate, profitable systems to trade with and many end up giving up.

Anonymous List of BO Scammers!

Two things you should consider before you let the jackasses, Paul Reed and Roger Clifford, discourage you from binary options… 1) There’s always hope to get your money back if you dispute the transaction with your credit card company, file a complaint and don’t waste time, you can also help us alert others by sharing your feedback below this review. 2) We are not going to test or verify any software, but we know that Copy Buffett is one service that is truly receiving some credible feedback by honest reviewers who posted their performance, results over time and withdrawals, you can find a lot of information on YouTube. We posted a Copy Buffett Review and we welcome you to share your experience if you’re trading with the software, we would love to know that there’s something real out there. Otherwise if you are burnt out at this point, trade on your own and verify that the broker you invest with, is fully regulated and licensed. Furthermore, we know that some brokers such as Banc De Binary, are regulated but are not as reliable as they might seem. BDB has to settle a lawsuit by the SEC and CFTC just about two weeks ago for $11,000,000, which goes to show that you can’t trust any broker just because they have regulations. Do research before you deposit any money, because reputation can easily be measured online! Do yourself a big favor and don’t signup with Trade X Confidential, Limitless Profits or any of the other services we exposed on our blacklist.

Conclusion: and are scam sites!

Read this review before you join the Trade Tracker Pro SCAM, we do not promote any brokers or services and our only goal is to help day-traders avoid conspicuous, shady binary options offers. We read some of the reviews on Google in relation to and were astonished and disgusted to find so many of the usual endorsements on fake news sites. It appears that Google is not perfect and doesn’t always rank quality at the top, and the marketers who wish to fool binary options traders into joining the Trade Tracker Pro will do everything they can to push and suppress the truth in case you decide to look for it.

First you should know that is a fraud and you can look it up, and notice how this “Derek Stone” shows you how much money he managed to pull with Trade Tracker Pro and GToptions. Research for reviews on this broker and you’ll find the most horrible type of complaints, ranging from lack of customer support to online-theft and by real people and not a “Derek Stone” who walks around with a camera crew filming his fake progress.


Let’s ignore the fact that is synced with other scams as you can clearly see in the intro video, what about the account date? How on earth did Derek Stone trade with this stupid software since January if it wasn’t even around before about a week ago, confirm it on, it’s 100% true. The Trade Tracker Pro is a web-based software and this website was created literally a few days ago so this entire video documenting how Mr. Stone transformed from a “strange looking guy” to a “strange guy with a new car and a hot chick”… This is just pathetic and guess what? There’s one registration left! Did you see that? They are stuck on that one last registration…

At we don’t promote anything and have no reason to mislead you and we are absolutely confident that you will lose a lot of money if you attempt to join the Trade Tracker Pro Scam software, at least $250 and more if their sales reps manage to swindle more out of you. There’s no limit to how much money they can convince people to invest in exchange for more incentives, such as the bonuses that lock your trading account, managed accounts and the illegal Algo-Trading that unregulated brokers such as offers their members. If they gave you a different broker as an option, look them up and see if they are regulated and licensed because we find it hard to believe that any legitimate brand will work with the fraud.

Lastly we also found another warning on – Trade Tracker Pro SCAM, it’s a detailed review it appears that they already received complaints. It’s a fresh scam so we’re expecting more victims to share some insight into the trading performance soon. If people won’t find this review in time, perhaps they’ll find the other warnings on credible blogs and forums for online trading.

Binary Options Scams – Exposed by Anonymous

Since we are not a promotional blog, we are not here to tell you which brokers and auto-traders are reliable, you will need to reach this conclusion on your own and based on research. Don’t feel like you’re in a rush because in this field we know that most of the automated systems are dishonest and a waste of time and money. The developers who are behind the Trade Tracker Pro must be very clever, they invested a lot of time into marketing but that’s all there is to it and we hope that you will not make a mistake and let your curiosity or greed, mislead you into trusting this website.

We help with complaints, disputes or any issues for free so contact us at if you lost money with Trade Tracker Pro or any similar pitch-page money-making schemes.

At Anonymous we do not promote scam services and this review is aimed to expose The Golden Paradigm! We don’t have good news for you today, especially if you invested money with As soon as that sketchy promo video started playing we smelt the rat. We were introduced to a guy that we already know to be a paid actor. He makes a false video testimonial for “Golden Paradigm” but we’ve seen him on other binary options scam sites using different name credentials. Read this important review and find out exactly why you should be steering clear.

Computer Savvy? Observe suspicious CODE on The Golden Paradigm SCAM page!

Let’s talk about The Golden Paradigm creator and ‘CEO’ Nathan Weiss. This dude must think us traders were born yesterday. Not only does he claim a practically impossible 97% ITM rate for this software, he also comes up with this BS about a secret formula trading pattern. He expects us to just believe this without questioning the fact that he can’t show us any form of hard evidence to support his claims. Another issue we have with this Nathan Weiss is that we can’t prove who he is and the fake review sites that endorse this fraud are not convincing or revealing in any way. We aren’t given a face to a name not even a picture let alone actual footage of the guy is show in The Golden Paradigm promotional video. This means we can’t even try to find out if this guy is who he says he is but there was practically zero information online when we tried to research him and his claims. We can definitely say it turns out there are no ‘Mr Weiss’ guys when it comes to this fraudulent scheme. is not a paid review site.

We are only concerned with the truth!

A second red flag that acts as further proof that is a hoax is that the testimonials used on the websites are clearly faked! The apparent social proof of previous beta testers isn’t viable considering we couldn’t find any of the people on Facebook. We’re supposed to believe these testimonials to have been posted from Facebook so how can they not be on Facebook! Several times in the video we are told we will be shown live proof. There is nothing of the kind! All we see is the paid actor logging into an account and seeing a $25,000 balance. This is so easily faked, let alone the fact that it could also just be a demo account. The same goes for Nathan when he shows us his six figure sum balance.


Live proof was never provided at any point during this presentation.

Talking of Beta Testers Nathan states only 30 members will receive this opportunity a year. He follows this up with the most common scam tactic we all know; the pressure timer. As well as telling you there is limited space for new members there is also an actual timer on the site giving you around ten minutes to register before your opportunity is gone forever! Have no fear though guys! It appears this sham is available to as many people for however long you want it to be around for since if you let the counter reach zero it simply resets itself! You just couldn’t write this stuff. The Golden Paradigm is just another sleazy scam designed to steal your money.

There was nothing credible online for The Golden Paradigm scheme other than news places renowned for positive reviews around new scam software for a quick buck. We have no choice but to give this scam its verdict – is nothing more than the latest in the long line of binary options scams we come across everyday. You should be highly weary of investing any money into this software.

It’s so sad when we have to bring you these reviews proving why The Golden Paradigm is an obvious scam and how we continue to unearth new scams every single day. You should always be vigilant when it comes to trading with binary options and always stick to regulated brokers and respected blogs. is a reliable website with real software reviews and you can find some good recommendations and credible alternatives.