Anonymous Trade Review – SCAM Warning!

Lately, we’ve been asked a lot about this new binary options auto trader called Anonymous Trade (,  The reason is very simple. When you Google Anonymous Trade, our website comes as one of the first results. Which is why we’ve decided to take the time today and warn you that Anonymous Trade is nothing but a fake, money-stealing, fraudulent binary options auto trader. By the time you finish reading this review, hopefully you will fully understand why you should avoid signing up with Anonymous Trade!

The creators behind Anonymous Trade are smart people. They provide absolutely no information on their home page which can indicate that we’re dealing with a scam. No fake backward counters, a pushy sales video or too good to be true promises. As you can see in the above screenshot, you get a black screen and a sign up form. That’s all.

The only other thing we can learn from this website is that one of the available brokers is Stern Options, a non-regulated scam binary options broker. (Just read the comments below this Stern Options review to realize why we’re saying they are a scam.)

Now, why on earth would you want to sign up with a software that is setting you up with a scam broker?

The second thing you need to understand is that in binary options there is no, there has never been and there never will be a profitable auto trader. How can we be so sure, you’re wondering? Easy. In binary options there’s a fundamental conflict of interest between the broker and the trader. When you, as a day trader, place a trade on a binary options platform, what you’re doing is betting that the price of the asset will go up or down. That’s all. You’re not actually buying the asset. The “brokers” are not really brokers. They merely provide a betting platform, akin to a casino. So if you win the trade, who pays you? Right! The broker! And if you lose a trade? Right again! The broker profits!

Now it becomes easy to realize that a binary options broker doesn’t want people to make money. As a business, their goal is to make as much money as possible, which requires that their clients will lose as much money as possible! So why would they allow people to run a profitable auto trader on their platform?

And we won’t even get into the fact that trading profitably requires not only technical analysis, which a computer can do, perhaps even better than humans, but also fundamental analysis, which requires a human mind.

The truth behind the Anonymous Trader and other binary options auto trader is that they are affiliate sites, encouraging people to sign up with brokers. The commission a broker pays to affiliates can be anywhere between $100 (with legitimate brokers) to $1000, or even more, with scam brokers.

So when you sign up with the broker via Anonymous Trader and make the minimum deposit (usually $250), the scammers who created Anonymous Trader get their commission.

Then, the sales people working for the brokers have to convince the clients to deposit more. Otherwise, they lose money on you because most of the time, they pay the affiliates more than the clients deposit. In many cases, they convince people to deposit thousands and even tens of thousands of dollars. They will not stop bothering you until they can get you to send them your entire life savings. Eventually, they will convince you to sell your house and kidney if you got nothing else…

The money you deposit will be lost forever in most cases because when you make a deposit, you also sign (in most cases) an agreement where you accept the terms and conditions presented by the broker. Obviously, most people don’t read those T&C, which explains why so many people are being defrauded by binary options brokers without being able to do anything about it.

Luckily for you (and too bad for them idiotic scammers), this time they used our name, Anonymous, so we had to step in and present the truth as it is.

Remember, Anonymous Trader is a SCAM! 

Do you have any information about the Anonymous Trader SCAM? Please leave a comment below and let us know. Moreover, we ask you to share this post on your favorite social networks in order to help us spread the word. Let’s put an end to this fraud together!

Now, that’s not to say that all binary options brokers are a scam. There are plenty of regulated, trustworthy binary options brokers. If you’re interested in day trading, don’t fall for any auto traders or account management scams. The only way to go would be to follow a trustworthy signal service.

Thank you for reading our Anonymous Trader review and we’re looking forward to hearing from you!

14 thoughts on “Anonymous Trade Review – SCAM Warning!”

  1. I was taken in by this very clever and genuine looking scam. I lost $250 and they are still phoning me a month later. I simply give them loads of verbal abuse whenever they phone me. Do not fall for this

  2. I filled in the little form to signup for a demo. Within seconds I was called from Amsterdam for more information. This guy explained to me how it works and if I was able to send the money to start trading.

    I didn’t send any money or so, but they have my phone number and email. I stoped here and didn’t go any further.

  3. I signed up, and within 5 minutes I was phoned by a Russian woman with a heavy accent, claiming to be from a broker called 72Option in London. The speed with which she called me immediately made me suspicious. Luckily I gave her no information about my credit card, just phone number and email address. I won’t be taking it further.

  4. This beauty below comes hanging on a site to book soccer tickets.
    Useless to try warn people, only the links to Stern Options work…

  5. Just a couple of domains involved. All hidden behind cloudflare. at –> 2017-03-30 1 HOST RUSSIA, INC 2017-03-30 1 HOST RUSSIA, INC 2017-03-30 ALPNAMES LIMITED 2017-06-27 — 2017-06-24 —

    WhoisGuard Protected –> 2017-06-28 2017-07-03 2017-06-28

  6. I also have fallen for the scam.
    Now there is another broker available besides Stern Options called 10Markets. Their site looks trustworthy at least, but still I have a bad feeling about this.
    Has anyone made experiences with 10Markets yet? Is it also a Scam? I deposited 250€ via bank wire and uploaded some documents I was asked for.

    1. The documents might be used to steal your identity, so be aware of that (fortunately I didn’t upload anything). If you have signed some kind of “Terms of service” with them, you might have signed off the rights to get your money back as well. I didn’t give or sign anything and got my 250$ back (except for 6$). Being on that page, I think 10Markets are a scam too.

    2. Hello,

      All Binary Option Trading Are Scam! I lose 30k$ in Binary Option.. And Make Me Huge Debt!.. Never ever Do Binary..

  7. The is being advertised on facebook.
    So they need to be shut down soon.
    It seems legit at first glance and gives off the impression its from Anonymous.

  8. Well, I did fall for the scam. Which on the positive side means that you Anonymous guys have a really good brand! ;).

    I payed the 250$ minimum deposit, handing over all my credit card information (what a fool I was), and soon after got a non -top talking guy from Stern Options on the phone, wanting me to deposit more. That was when my suspicion rose and I hung up, and started checking out the company on the internet, finding out that I was being framed.

    I filed for withdrawal of my money on their website and cancelled my creditcard. Unlike what the scammers tells you, you can’t get your money back via the bank if you have been giving them your card-information, and even with the card cancelled the transfer will proceed if it’s started before the cancellation. So 2 days after I was 250 $ poorer, and could do nothing about it, except asking Stern Options (which interestingly enough was the only brooker you could choose between on the Anonymous scam page) to pay me my money back.

    They wanted me to send them all kind of information (scans of passports, utility bills, credid card, and sign a decleration of deposit.

    I refused it all, and told them that
    “You got my card information, so you can just transfer the money back to that. Other banks and dealers had no problems in doing so, so if you can’t, then you’re a scam.
    I was told on the phone that I could get the money back right away. If that is not the case, you were lying to me, and therefore I can’t trust you!”

    And today the money was strangely enough back on my bank account, except for 6$, which was a cheap prise to pay for being framed. :-/

    My advise is don’t do any binary options. There are too many scam-sites out there. If you want to gamble your money, there a plenty of official lotteries to put your money in, and if you want to invest, go through your bank.

  9. Let all your clients know that CT Option is just a scam site. I joined them in 2015 with $5000 deposit. and have been trying to get it back ever since. My balance is now 5300 but I cannot get a nickel out of them. I have read on the internet about a lot others that have also been scammed by them, and yet Roys Watchdog is still pushing them as their most trusted broker. How could that be? And since 2015 I have a lot more horror stories.

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