Binary Options Scams!

Binary Options Scams are growing in numbers, in 2015 we are now seeing at least one new software launch of a fake auto trader and an unrecognized broker without a license or regulations appears out of the blue. It’s essential that we gather up as many testimonials as we can and inform online traders of potential frauds and scam operating in this industry. We will create a very simple and straight forward list for you of all the scams we are aware of and trust that we will be scanning the Internet like the Google spider and catch every new scam that comes out so you can make it routine to visit this page, leave a comment and share your experience with Binary Options. You can use this opportunity to alert other traders of a fraud and you can always contact us if you need help fighting a scam. Note that if you’ve been scammed by a regulated broker you can also file a complaint with CySEC and other agencies the broker is associated with.

Anonymous fully recognizes that the governments around the world are too greedy to do anything to stop multi-million dollar scams, as long as they pay taxes off course but we still encourage you to post your complaints, dispute your credit card transactions.. If you decide to give up on trying to get your money back or expose scam operations, you are not doing justice with the rest of the world and most certainly not with yourself, so even if you are angry and upset, you should take every necessary step to fight back. Join us and Subscribe, Comment below. We are Anonymous and we’re here to help.

Forex and Binary Options Scam Signals Services

What is Binary Options Watch Dog?

The worst 3 Tactics Binary Options Scams are using to steal money from you!

  1. Call you frequently attempting to persuade you to deposit more money often $5000 and more in exchange for a bonus, training or a managed account.
  2. Ask you for your social security number or other confidential, private information. These are the worst scams as they are associated with identity theft and a wide range of other malicious activities.
  3. On fake binary options  services you will most likely find a count down widget, actors giving false testimonials, pictures of a fancy life with sport cars and big vacation houses. Promises that are too good to be true! We call these services ‘money-making schemes’ and they are all very  similar but each one has a different narrative and a different name.
  4. If you fell victim to a SCAM or would like to alert the public, please COMMENT BELOW!

 Huge Forex EA scam exposed:
Stabilis Lucra Scam Review

82 thoughts on “Binary Options Scams!”

    1. Hi I deposited 250 dollars to GTOptions awhile back and just recently tried to get my money back but it seems like the website has shut down… Could someone tell me if there is any way of contacting them??? I’m pretty sure this is a scam!

  1. Hello,

    what about PWRTrade?

    or they a scam?

    I would like to know before i use the 250 $ to activate my account. Thanx

  2. Has anyone heard of 10Markets?
    I registered there via Anonymous Trader (which I know now, is a scam. I just hope the Broker itself is not and I can get my money back.

  3. Hi Anonymous

    I’m afraid that you yourself has been used in a binary option scam, which I -admittedly – fell for myself, losing 250 $ before I realised what was going on 🙁

    Please find them and do your worst!
    Here is the link:

  4. Ubinary The wolves of Tel Aviv:
    I’m one of 25.000 victims, lost life savings
    12 year-long cyber crime war on trading binary options is on
    we fight with a huge Dutch group and the UK like to see what Anonymous can do in this cyber crime.
    99% of Binary trades are Criminals based in Israel.
    Please, we need anonymous help and scare the shit out of them make the biggest thriller documentary worldwide.

  5. Vorrei sapere se BinBotPro è truffa o se funziona veramente.
    Per il Cidile Lexigton vi comunico che a me non ha funzionato e mi ha azzerato deposito fatto in pochi giorni.


  7. PLEASE TAKE NOTE : Atos represented by Joey Keller , are a bunch of thieves and who have ” been taken over ” by IBM Markets represented by Julian Silva are just as bad. If you want to loose A L L your money ……. They are a disgrace to their profession, and I feel sorry for the honest Brokers, as I will never ever go into binary trading again.
    Contact me, and I will fully inform any prospective investor .

    1. The scam came from israel the websites are under the name of soussan prosper and the person who is behind that enjoying your money is nir lankry from israel i have evidence that he is behind everything. atos limited is a full scam that do not give money back to nobody find all the information abot the true owner and where he live so that you can report him to the police unit 443 israel and the interpool so that they can catch him on the money laundring that he is doing good luck
      Felix Kelmendi

  8. Please I have signed up with the snapcash and was alloted a broker called Omega option. Is it a good broker and can I go ahead and fund my account? Infact I used the VPN to get in and got the snap cash software

  9. Banc de Binary. Yes, all the tactics, talk up the deposits and bonuses, stroke your ego, gain trust, then account managers lose almost the lot for you in a series of rushed, previously undiscussed huge bids, oh wow, thats odd they say, doesnt usually happen, just deposit some more, oh youre dissatisfied? we’ll get our accounts recovery team to work with you, then they clean out the rest. 17/20 losing trades from their professional account managers cleaned out a $10 000 account


  10. Lie Detector Millionaire is a scam, and I found out the hard way. There is no sign up bonus, there is no Risk free trades and there is loss making trades that these f#ckers don’t speak of. the software generated 3 trades and made a loss. If you try to withdraw your funds, you cant. Bullshit about not having a minimum value as per there terms and conditions. Now I’m out of pocket for $250 and the so called support email goes nowhere or they don’t read the f#cking thing.

  11. Thank you for your valuable information helping many of your site readers to avoid scams.
    I would like to ask you, if you know anything about “Options every day”, who claim they can manage binary options accounts very profitably. If they are existing, are they reliable?
    Thank you in advance for an answer.

  12. Anonymous,
    I trade with CVCOptions for over a year. I haven’t been able to logon and have sent numerous emails to support dept. & customer service with no replies back & now can’t even get on their website. Could you tell me anything about this broker. Thanks in advance.

  13. Option Rally, more specifically, Vincent Delgado persuaded me to lose $20,000 USD since Dec.2. He assured me the money would be insured and that I could not lose it. He even
    e-mailed declaration of insurance that all money lost in trades would be credited back to my account with no expiry. It started as $1000 then convinced me to invest $10,000 to increase profits. Convinced me to trade on my behalf, then lost it all. he phoned me in a panic and said he needed $6000 to hedge against the losses or I would lose the money and lost it too. Then convinced me to deposit $3000 to resume trading with the promise that it would all be returned after the contract ended in December. In January they credited my trading account $20000 but I was not able to withdraw any funds and he explained to me that the bonus money needed to be traded 50 times the volume in order to make a withdrawal. After following his trading advice for the last month my balance is down to $6000 and I cannot access it and he has stopped sending trade advice since I will no longer make deposits. I’ve tried to reach Option Rally Support but the same broker always contacts me.

  14. Wow, folks, really and truly THANK-YOU!!!!
    You just saved my @$$.
    I’m so desparate I was like a lamb to slaughter.
    Thank-you, keep up the good work.

    1. stay the hell away from HUGE OPTIONS by a man using the name Michael muller. They are a huge scam

  15. Stay away from HUGE OPTIONS. the lead man is Michael Muller. Thats the name he has given me anyway. ANYWAY, doesn’t return my calls, emails and chat lines. Cannot access my money. it’s one obstacle after another. VERY ELLABORATE scam he has got going there. I need to know who I can contact to report this scamming agency. HE HAS INVESTED IN BONUSES WITH OTHER AGENCIES MEANING HE HAS LOCKED MY INVESTMENTS. Shouldnt be my concern as I did not express instructions for him to do that. I could chat all day regarding all the alarm bells. This man has absolutely no ethics, morals. Can anyone assist me ith information regarding appropriate complaints department

  16. Hi!,
    I am surprised to not finding Binarybook on your list as they have taken $300 of my money then refused assistance unless I added $10,000 to the $300 first asked for. They also cover themselves by keep sending for more signed information and got very aggressive when their mentor rang me on several occasions.

    They are a scam, please let others know.


  17. Hello a victim of 9 scam software quick income,legal bot insider,john callagan 810,OZ trader,crisis killer,ataraxia,Binary code,Binary_option-Bot( freedownload) and 2 scam brokers( Traders King and One Two Trade..totally lost 4000$..

  18. Please remove my earlier comment as i received my deposit back from ukoptions, always appreciate whatever you people do as it always makes a real difference, thank you, kind regards

  19. Hi Everybody, ukoptions has scammed me for over a month, i absolutely assure you that they will surely scam you. PLEASE AVOID UKOPTIONS, please get out of ukoptions by withdrawing for those who are already into them before it’s too late for you as they will scam you anyway sooner or later, thank you

  20. I had a 60 seconds trade that ended up in just 25 seconds and conducting on a higher price just on I lost all my investment within 10 days of trading. I suspect this keystone platform trading software to be manipulated with.

  21. All I can say is stay away from cash code and as far as I Regal Options they scam me then I couldn’t get anyone to answer my calls.I had to get a police report,a new card and then they still called me up wanting me to over look the scam and go one on one in private to make me wealthy.Please people check any offers out before you lay the deposit down and don’t think it can’t happen to you.

  22. I have to disagree with this site being blocked do to the overwhelming amount of scams
    coming out daily and it’s only going to get worse.Ok mabe Anonymous might have bent a rule or whatever but who else besides a few are uncovering these scams for what they are and I
    think this site is doing a super job of trying to protect the legal traders and should be aloud to
    be unblocked so it can keep up the good work and be able to expose as many as possible with all of the help possible.


    1. We are glad you brought this up because if you look at our website and compare it to 100% of all binary options sites, we are the only non-affiliate site. The biggest financial portals also engage in marketing, however someone decided to target us and as a new blog, they managed to get us blocked by BullGuard, we contacted them and they are very slow to respond. The truth will go viral either way! This website is clean from malware or any type of malicious activities. They have no clue that they are just hurting people who are using their firewall as they didn’t seem to block all the scam sites. Food for thought!

  23. You should expose 100 percent profit bot. Those guys are a bunch of crooks. This guy goes by the name of Sportsmavn and recruits people from gambling websites to sign up for scam-bot. He urged me to get all of my freinds and family on board to start profiting- only for our accounts to be wiped out in days.

    The crook also used to be a shill for the scamsite option rally. Check out his website for more info.

  24. Can I verify does this EZTRADER is regulated Broker Account And does this CollectingPtofit is a scam or regulated trading binary option. Please advise as the presentation was recorded from News. Looking forward from your respond. Thank you.

  25. i wanna know with system for trading is secure and honest but im talking about autotrasde bcz i got scamed a lot,now i enjoyed aussie method but 10 days they dont activate my auto im waioting for scam,how i wiull take my money b ack

    1. Hi there Lena (Ref : July 10, 2015 at 1042pm). May I know does this Aussie Method that you open account really work as promise in the presentation. Keep me posted how is the result. Thank you and have a nice day ahead

  26. Thank you for this Anonymous, I’m new to this and it’s really helped me. I came across Quick Cash System which directs you to make a deposit with either GTOptions or anyoption. (I haven’t registered with any and won’t be). Subsequently, I received an invitation email from Apple bot and also an email which advises my account has been created and the web link directs you to Professional Binary Robot, I’m going to do a lot more research before I put any money into anything and may end up not bothering after reading all of the scams, I’ll post anything I come across. Thanks again

    1. Quick Cash System is a scam, it was previously exposed on and we looked into the comments people left. It’s a losing system.

  27. Don’t worry. Just ask your bank or credit card to make a CHARGE BACK. They must protect you against fraudulent activities happening within your account. Keep all proof and disclose the issue to your bank or credit card. Usually they send the money back to your account. Ukoptions will have 45 days or so to prove to your bank or credit card that they are not fraudulent or that you have signed a document to give them the right to use your money as you’ve explained. But by this time you will already receive the money back. I am talking from my personal experience with the so claimed #1 brokerage firm.

  28. be careful with UKoptions! its impossible to make a withdrawal with them! its been 2 weeks and they have been cancelling my withdrawal request with them!

    Avoid it

  29. hey i need all to know that ukoptions is big scam never trade with them i cant get my profits out they never answer my emails and they keep on canceling my withdraw ticket if anybody has an idea how do i get my money out that would be helpful.
    thank you

    1. hey ash its the same with me! have they been cancelling your request as well? no ones answering their calls and emails at all! they’re a huge scam site!

  30. Thanks for the information. This scam alert helps me before I start working on these products.

  31. These people suck you in using “Norbert” the German banker robot. It’s a complete lie. I didn’t know at the time and got sucked in. They rang and gave me dud signals and after I lost 16300 USD I was told by Diego McKenzie, I’m sorry, I’ll give you my money to make up,, Complete bullshit, it was a bonus to lock me in. I repeatedly said I don’t want a bonus!!!
    I got up to 123,000 usd and then “William” rang and gave me more dud trades. They refuse to honour a withdrawal that I needed to save my wife who had cancer. She died. They are MURDERERS, the scum of the earth!!!!

  32. Is there any good news out here, I mean are there any systems that do work, or is everything just a lie to deceive, and take your money, I would think there has to be some good in the world of binary options bots, or is it just all thieves, it boggles the mind to think that there is no one that can’t put a system together that can at least get a better percentage rate higher than 60%, I take it that is why there are so many scams, there are none.

    1. Yes, it seems that NO ” honest ” system is available. If this was not the case ,
      everybody would jump in on the ” honest ” system and flood it.

      I have tried MANY systems of which not one worked profitably, as a result of which I am getting out of binary options altogether now. It seems that these marketers are working themselves out of their own job.

  33. Does anyone know anything about Auto Trading Binary. Pleas advise, I’d really appreciate it.


  35. Hi i would like you to have a look into Fisher Method and Premium Bot as i think there are the same .AS fisher logo is the same as Free Binary Option System .com please

    1. The Fisher Method and Premium Bot might be using the safe technology, which means that the Premium Bot should be a scam.

  36. That’s a very noble initiative, Anonymous. Being scammed by one greedy bastard in the past, I can understand the pain and loss. Even a $1 lost without us getting a proper value of it is sad, in my case it was much above $1000. I can see that scam company/software in this “Binary Options Scam Signals Services” list of yours. Though, I didn’t do it in the past as I didn’t had a platform, but since I have got one now, I too will try my best to keep everyone updated about the latest scams in binary signals trading industry through your site.

  37. Hi,
    I totally agree about optionsxo is scam, but i got my money back from my bank after filing a complaint. I also agree about BDB going the wrong way making deals with scam software like Greg marks a few months ago. Scam sites are all over and you have to be extra careful not to get scammed.
    Hope that this site will also make a list with the ones that are not scam!!!

  38. Anonymous fantastic work please keep it up. I want to know if Eclipse Finance is a legitimate Broker and also if is also legitimate

    1. hi

      I was wondering if you get any feedback on topbinary signals or opened an account in eclipse?
      i have been trying to work with them as well, but havent decided yet. please let e know your feedback.


  39. Wow, what an awful thing to see all the scams out there. The three points you make about the scam are great because people can know if they are being scammed of not! I’ll make sure to double check with this site whenever I need to.

  40. I am stunned to see that Rboptions is amongst the scam brokers. Because I live in Canada and they are in Canada also. So close to me I tought it would be easier for me to catch them and sue them in case something had happened. So far I don’t know what is the case related to them. But I trust your site and appreciate your warnings. Also, I have recently withdrawn all my money from they account instinctlly and fortunately. Scammers and fraudulent brokers need to be isolated and framed in the web like dangerous animal for the safe of innocent people. Keep on the good work. If we don’t join together to protect ourself no one else will do it.

  41. Greetings from Croatian. Of course I’m still an idiot who believed in it. Specifically in the 11th month of last year I ran into QUICK CASH SYSTEM and of course lost everything. I console just as it was 250 euros and no more, because the more I did not have, because I UNEMPLOYED AND HAVE NO JOB. I am glad that you are turning out to prevent these fraudsters to fair and little people. I know you probably can not povratioti payed but is there any hope? thank you in advance

  42. Thanks for this comprehensive list of scams going on in the binary options world. I’m new to this stuff and your page has been a huge help in avoiding scams. Thanks!

  43. 10 days ago I opened an account with the broker GlobalTrader to use the signals of APL BOT. I thought initially that it was the usual impostor, but after reading good reviews on Brokers and a positive judgment for APL BOT of WATCHDOG, I opened a small account.
     After about 5 days the results are very disappointing: 52 crafts of which 27 lost and 25 won. I immediately suspended the auto trades to take home what’s left of the account.
    All that is said about revolutionary new method of APL BOT is just a big lie.

    My worst experience negative remains the one I had with Quantum Binary Signals and its automatic system that promises to double the initial deposit within one month. After a week the bill was almost disappeared – 18 made crafts and 12 LOOSERS !!!

    .Also in this case I had trusted because of positive reviews
    that the company had had from several sites that deal with SCAM.

    Fending off proposals is increasingly difficult and I hope ANONYMOUS remains always on the side of the consumer.

    1. The website exposed the APL Bot SCAM yesterday from what we understand. We know of a few fake WatchDog sites, such as the Roy Tribble WatchDog site, which promotes scam websites like the Apple Stock Bot.

    2. in my previous report there is an error: the account that I opened was not with GLOBAL TRADER but UKOPTION, broker offering assistance zero customer .They don’t responds to email-chat does not work ever- make a withdrawal of money is impossible
      before a month of opening the account (this I could not find written anywhere in their website).
      stay away from UKOPTION and APPL BOT

  44. This is horrible and scary to say the least. I have had several people I contacted for jobs via craigslist that would reply saying how they need a deposit. Heck there are some out there when you are looking for a home to buy/rent where they tell you to send them money and they send you to the home to get the key and you come to find someone there who has no idea what you are talking about. These people need to be stopped.

  45. Great work Anonymous, here is some more scam brokers who work with scam software. NRG BINARY, whose website now can’t be logged into not only wouldn’t give me withdrawals also stole a long term trade I had going. – OPTION RALLY just lie – BANC DE BINARY was associated with the Legal Insider Bot scam by Greg Marks, who I saw in one of these other scams as a testimonial (obviously a scummy fiverr actor).
    Saying that, you idiot actors on fiverr who lend your face and credibility to these scams will be the ones who get flogged if your lucky, by victims of these scams.
    Just remember this, the victims know what you look like and you don’t know how many there are. Sleep on that : )

    1. Banc De Binary is a concerning company and we just found that they have over $1,000,000 claims on by victims, it can’t be all made up. Do you have any additional information to share regarding OptionRally? We will add BDB on this list. is a new site but we will come after every scam, old and new, regulated or not. Thank you for your comment Lance.

  46. Criminal enterprise will never end, it just changes form. In 2015, these guys are the new Jordan Belfort. Glad to see people are fighting against them. Don’t be scammed people, they only rely on your inability to see evil.

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