Bullish University SCAM is a Fraudulent Joke!

Today we’re here to expose the Bullish University SCAM for what it truly is, our review our unbiased at BO Anonymous and we’re only concerned with the truth. Real the facts of this review on Ben Newman and what his fraud service is really all about. It is crucial that you take take this warning seriously, as Ben Newman is claiming victims by the minute via YouTube and his main website: BullishUniversity.com.

So, what exactly are they claiming will you be getting by registering for the Bullish University scam? The idea is that you register for their service, which by the way, you have no idea how much it costs, as you have to submit your details to receive a price structure. Once you receive this, you will notice that it is the cost of the broker and the cost for Ben Newman’s services. How much this will cost, you have no idea until you asked for your structure. You will then be linked to the most expensive broker that has decided to work with Ben, meaning he gets the highest commission possible, before even lifting a finger. Once you have been extorted out of a couple of grand, you will then have to wait some more time to find out if you were lucky enough to register as one of the first 100 subscribers to the Bullish University scam, to be able to receive the free webinars so highly advertised on their website.


For those of you who are not aware, Ben Newman is not new to binary options at all. He used to be involved with successful software’s such as OptionBot, OptionBot 2, Trend Expert and XE Trade. This is until he got greedy and basically screwed a couple of these binary options signal services over, by stealing their clients and their systems, in order to create his own system we now know as the Bull University. If Ben can almost ruin his partners for his own personal gain, what do you think stops him from taking your cash and running.

Here are a few facts that prove to you that Ben Newman cannot be trusted, and neither can the so called Bullish University scam. Looking past the fact that he left his previous partners hanging dry, he also claims that he is offering two webinar presentations during the day, which will teach you how to trade on your assigned broker. We have received confirmation that the webinars, should you be lucky enough to be one of the 100 registrations to receive a spot (which again you will not, until you have made your deposit) are not as profitable as one would have thought. The webinars you see during the day are mostly pre-recorded, and when looking closer you will notice that most of them breaks just about even, or lose. You do get the odd Bullish University scam win webinar, but they are far and few between, and most certainly not enough to make up for your losses on previous occasions. We have also heard claims that you only get access to a certain amount of webinars of you are so lucky, and would then have to pay quite a substantial amount of money to keep having access. There is a way to learn binary options trading successfully, and the truth is, you can do this with a small donation to any charity of your choice, and you will then get to join Afzal’s webinars, the only true trader to get 10/10 ITM Live Trading results.

Another issue that is a big “NO” is the fact that Ben Newman called his system the Bullish University software which you are not allowed to do, unless you have the correct licencing and paperwork, that would cover all your activity from advertising to running the courses. We did a quick search for everything we were able to find, and sadly no registration of any kind, and you will not be able to receive qualification with this course, as they do not work like that. You will be lucky to take any official from the site whatsoever.

Here is another interesting fact for you. During the pitch given by Ben on his Bullish University scam you can clearly hear him say that he has been making people money for quite some time now.  However when you scroll down the BullishUniversity.com website you notice that some of these so called testimonials and reviews date back to June 2016, but when you search the age of the domain on who.is, notice how the software has only been available since July 2016. Making both the reviews being given fake, as well as every word being spoken by Ben.

For someone who is supposed to be so good at trading that he can teach anyone that registers to trade, he most certainly is not very clever. Even though we know without a doubt that the Bullish University system is  scam due to our extensive contacts in the binary options industry, here is a couple of more facts about the scam system. Notice how he decided to use a voice over, this is a very cheap way of doing things, as it cuts the time of costs and time of editing, which we also see as a very big scam factor, as most scam systems take the easy route out, and this has been proven again and again. Ben Newman does not give you exact details of the costs, and exactly what you will be receiving until you make a deposit, meaning there is no transparency within the system, and personally we never recommend anyone join any system that cannot provide full details to each and every trader. Doing your research is highly important, especially if you come across systems such as the Bullish University scam, as it is proven yet again that you find some real miserable people out there, who will do literally anything to rob you of your hard earned money.

Anonymous Review Conclusion: Bullish university by Ben Newman is a SCAM

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For help fighting the BullishUniversity.com the the fraud brokers Ben Newman is associated with, leave a comment below and we’ll assist you without charging a dollar. We are here to protect the industry, debunk and destroy the bad guys who plague the industry with fake and misleading automated services, webinars and manual signals of all kind. Thank you for reading this unbiased review and be sure to share it if you are familiar with any of Ben Newman’s victims.

8 thoughts on “Bullish University SCAM is a Fraudulent Joke!”

  1. good job on this scammer revealing anonymous!!..i hope people out there can be alert on this by don’t getting fall and being victim on this scammer trap!..

  2. I wish I had seen this review before I joined this scumbag university. They took my money and all they provided me were information already available on other websites and YouTube for FREE. Why would they even charge me? Bullshit University, more like! I have been fighting with them to get my money back. Good luck to me! Thanks for exposing them so others don’t fall into the same trap.

    1. Hello my advice is
      There are many binary options companies which are not regulated all around.Most binary brokers are borderline criminal operations and most so-called regulators are toothless. If you want to see your money again, you’re best to avoid anything regulated from Cyprus and other marginal jurisdictions, Most of these offshore companies are not supervised, connected or affiliated with any of the regulatory agencies such as the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), National Futures Association (NFA), Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) or the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). Many of these brokers misappropriate traders money thinking these traders will not act.

  3. I was so shocked to read this review. I have been trying to get onto this platform but they kept asking so many questions. Thank God I saw this post before I joined. Thanks anonymous for putting me in the clear

  4. Thank you Anonymous as an avid trader who likes to learn and develop consistently , its a shame that there are some like the Bullish University who just try and be something they are not. Hopefully many will see right through them for the amateurs they really are.

  5. Yep, I’m one of the ones that never got in on the ‘free’ webinar, much less the one-to-one consultation! Thank you for exposing this guy!!

  6. This Ben guy tries to comes across as a genuine/credible person but in reality, he’s just scammer! If you’re losing money with his system/strategy and try contacting him, don’t expect a response. It will never come.

  7. Thanks Anonymous. Its great to see many sites are telling the truth! I joined the bullish university service and i wanst impressed at all. It wasn’t what i was expecting and the signals were garbage. Total waste of money!!

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